Bullet Collection Chamber

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The Bullet Catcher was designed as a replacement for expensive water tanks used for ballistic examinations. The chamber of the Bullet Catcher is filled with ballistic fibers. Unlike cotton, which is commonly used in bullet retrieval chambers, our ballistic fibers are non-flammable, so there is no risk of fire. The user fires a bullet into the front of the Bullet Catcher. Unlike a water chamber, the bullet is captured undamaged so that examinations and comparisons can be made. The Bullet Catcher is segmented into three compartments to simplify searching. The doors are equipped with rubber clasps that hook around a welded steel hook to prevent their spontaneous opening when a weapon is being fired. The front grill of the bullet catcher is bolted to the frame and is removable. The Bullet Catcher can be used to recover bullets from all pistols and rifles with a maximum bullet velocity of 1100m per second (3,609 fps). The fibers can be used to capture approximately 10,000 shots. Replacement ballistic fibers are available.

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Bullet Collection Chamber

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