Rod Bag - Small

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These unique pole markers are the tallest evidence markers available in the market. They are perfect for marking evidence locations in rough terrain including ditches, high grass, scrub brush, sand dunes, landfills, culverts, etc. Also ideal for use in snow drifts, creeks, retention ponds and other low-water situations. Bright colors and durable material makes them easy to clean and re-use on many crime scenes. Each pole includes a 10” white reflective tape band near the top of the pole for enhanced visibility. Packed in a convenient nylon carry bag.


  • 48” pole markers offered in both safety orange and safety yellow colors
  • Fluorescent tape band at top of post increases visibility in low light conditions
  • Metal cap prevents damage during installation
  • Lightweight and durable fiberglass poles
  • Poles are easy to clean with standard cleaning products
  • Packaged in durable black nylon drawstring bag for easy transportation and storage
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Rod Bag - Small

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