Gun Barrel Swabs

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Product 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result:1

These Swabs are made especially for the collection of biological evidence from the inside of a gun
barrel. As opposed to the use of small standard sized swabs, the Gun Barrel Swab collects more biological
trace material from the complete inner surface of a gun barrel due to its form and size. Just add a
few small drops of distilled or DNA-Free water to the foam tip and you can start collecting.
The Gun Barrel Swab comes in 4 different sizes: .22cal/ 5.56mm.,.30cal/ 7.62mm.,.357cal/.38-
cal/.380cal/ 9mm. and a .45cal/ 11.43mm. The foam tip is connected to a 20cm./7.8inch long flexible
plastic handle. Each Gun Barrel Swab is hermetically sealed and made DNA-Free by ETO (Ethylene

Forensic DNA Report - Gun Barrel Swab