Lumiscene is a revolutionary new, water based, chemical blood search solution. Lumiscene helps to visualize latent/ invisible (e.g. washed or removed) blood stains and patterns through a chemiluminescene reaction and is specifically for use in forensic investigations. This new chemical formula is based on luminol and fluorescein and has many superior qualities and advantages over classic luminol or tablet based luminol solutions.

Advantage 1.

 When a luminol solution comes in contact with blood the chemical luminescence emits dark blue light. When this emission spectrum is measured with a spectro analyser we see that the highest intensity is around 425 nanometer. (see table 1).

Instead of emission around 425 nm. Lumiscene has his emission peak around the 525 nm.  when it comes in contact with blood. So the “light” produced by the chemical luminescence of Lumiscene is light blue/green light (see table 2) .

This emission of 525 nm. benefits the visibility of latent bloodstains multiple times as  shown in table 3, where the sensitivity of the cone cells of the human eye and the wavelength of the visual light spectrum are shown.  In this table you can see that, in dark environments, the human eye is far more sensitive to the 525 nm. emission than to the emission of 425 nm. 

Advantage  2:

As also shown in table 1 and 2  the presence of fluorescein in the Lumiscene solution does not only change the emission spectra, it also acts as an enhancer of the chemiluminescence reaction and creates more intensity. Table 4, 5and 6 shows the difference of intensity and emission of the chemiluminescene reaction between a tablet based luminol solution, a normal luminol solution and Lumiscene with blood dilutions of 1: 1000 and 1:5000. In these graphs the emission is also measured over a time period of 15 seconds.

Advantage 3:

Most luminol solutions, whether tablet based or not, and fluorescein solutions contain hydrogen peroxide as activator. Well known in the scientific community is the damaging effect of hydrogen peroxide on DNA. Since in forensic investigations the quality and or  quantity of the blood is not known, it is not recommended to apply a chemical solution with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. So the volume percentages of hydrogen peroxide should be kept to a minimum to minimize DNA damage.    
The Lumiscene stock solution is activated by 2 calibrated hydrogen  peroxide tablets which will give the solution an extremely low hydrogen peroxide volume: less than 0.12% compared to the usual 3% and as shown in tables 4 and 6 and in over 800 tests, preformed much better than other luminol solutions.

Advantage 4:

Lumiscene, like luminol, is sprayed in darkness and therefore it is difficult, if not impossible with the naked eye, to check if the complete investigated area came in contact with the solution. When using Lumiscene the user can check the investigated area by using a  forensic light and orange goggles/filter. Where Lumiscene is sprayed, the dried droplets will fluoresce when exited by a forensic light source between 415 and 480 nm (see foto 1 and 2).

Other advantages:

Extremely sensitive: the chemical luminescence reaction of Luminescene with blood-water dilutions over 1:50.000 can be seen with the naked eye.
Easy and safe to prepare, just add the two activation tablets to the premeasured Lumiscene stock solution and shake gently for1 minute after 5, 10 and 15 minutes and it’s ready to use!.Long shelf life, unmixed Lumiscene is at least 2 years stable, once activated it is stable for at least 4 hours at room temperature.
Lumiscene is made in the EU  with quality products of Sigma Aldrich. 


Loci Forensics B.V. advises the use of lumiscene and other blood enhance or search techniques by trained personnel.