Casing Container, DNA-Free ( ETO ) Packed, 25 x 5 pcs.

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“The newest in the collection of firearm casings”

Casings found on a crime scene are often evidence of some of the most serious crimes known to man. A casing itself can be very useful evidence because it can link the suspect or firearm to the crime involved. However, the collection of casings nowadays does not protect possible traces sufficiently. For this reason, Loci Forensics B.V. developed the casing container, patented, DNA-free container that integrates collection, protection, transportation and storage of casings. The casing container consists of two parts; a collector device  and a transparent transport tube for protection of the casing after collection.

The collector device holds a flexible probe for collecting and securing a casing in the transport tube. The flexible probe is designed to secure and restrict movement of the casing in the transport tube, preventing  contact with the sides of the tube, except  for the basis of the casing. This unique collection method reduces the damage of potential fingerprints and loss of DNA material from the casing. The probe of the casing container is 100% made of PE and is free of lead, barium, antimone and titanium. The surface of the probe itself is especially designed to collect  gunshot residue.

In the collector-device a moisture absorbent granulate is incorporated  to guarantee maximum protection and conservation after a moist* casing is collected. This collection method reduces the risk of DNA degradation due to moisture, which is encountered using conventional methods.

The Casing Container:

  • Is DNA-free by ETO treatment
  • Is GSR-free
  • Reduces loss and damage of markings, impressions, fingerprints and DNA traces
  • Reduces  contamination risk
  • Improves evidence integrity
  • Is easy-to-use and requires minimal training
  • Probe can be used for collecting gunshot residue

Collection procedure:

  1. Open the peal pouch.
  2. Remove the transparent protection tube from the collector-device
  3. Collect the casing with the use of the probe**
  4. Place and secure the transparent protection tube on the collector-device

* the moisture absorbent granulate is not suitable for collecting casings that are filled with moisture.

**due to the weight distribution of some types of casings the help of the transport container is needed for collecting. 

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Casing Container, DNA-Free ( ETO ) Packed, 25 x 5 pcs.