DocEx MSC Tablet

DocEx MSC Tablet

DocEx is the world’s first mobile document & art examination

device in Forensics!

  • What is the reason for preferring DocEx System by the

examiners when compared to other document devices?

It is preferred because on-site examination cannot be performed

with large and bulky laboratory equipment!

Docex, with its lightweight body, can be taken anywhere, anytime, to make an examination of the documents in legal institutes, or to the museums, places where the artwork should be examined without moving! 

  • DocEx has lights from UVC/UVB/UVA - VIS - IR (It has 5 IR lights in the system for document examination.) with its darkroom which provides spot and oblique lights, DocEx can illuminate from 39 places!! With the illuminated copy stand, DocEx Tablet can illuminate from all angles to detect any kind of fraud! (from top, spot, oblique, and back lights)
  • It also has optional passport compare option!
  • The system can perform both macro and micro examinations thanks to its lenses suitable for different needs. Therefore, it can make large examinations that can be done by large laboratory devices but those devices cannot be carried, as well as micro-evidence examinations made by using microscopes, thanks to its microlens.
  • DocEx consists of more than 16,7 Million wavelength combinations!!
  • DocEx light range is from about 200nm to 980nm.
  • Filter system: 10 filters
  • Camera spectral range: 330 - 1080 nm
  • Video resolution: Full HD
  • Real-Time UVC-UVB-UVA/ IR / VIS Camera
  • The Smart Button Function: a special software function that provides automatic light and filter combinations to detect hidden evidence via one single touch!
  • Light & Filter stamp, Date Stamp, Location Stamp, and time features on the photo.
  • Detailed reporting feature.
  • Export all your data with USB and Mail.
  • Weight: Around 1.5 g
  • Optional passports compare option. (28.5GB passport database (suitable for development)
  • Overlapping, compare, and edit functions.

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For more information please visit the website from ForenScope.

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DocEx MSC Tablet

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