DNA-Stub, Individually DNA-Free ( ETO ) packed, 40 pcs

Item No.: 3005030

The DNA-Stub is a patent pending sample collection system, designed to retrieve DNA from all types of dry surfaces, including porous ( all kinds of textiles, skin ect. ) and non-porous surfaces such as knife/door handles and gun grips. Besides this the stub can also be used for the collection of fibers and powders.

The DNA-Stub comes in a protective tube. A moisture absorbent granulate is incorporated in the stub holder to guaranty maximum protection and conservation after evidence is collected.

The top of the DNA-Stub itself has a special DNA-free adhesive on a compressible foam carrier. The stub has benefits over using tape for the collection of DNA, an already proven method to capture more DNA than swabbing on porous surfaces. The compressible foam layer guaranties more lifting of DNA material from uneven and textured surfaces.

In addition, this collection method reduces the risk of DNA degradation due to moisture, which is encountered using conventional methods.

Each DNA-Stub is individually packed, sealed, made DNA free by ETO treatment and ready to use after opening.

Collection procedure:

  1. Open the peel pouch.
  2. Remove the transparent protection tube from the stub.
  3. Collect DNA by stubbing.
  4. Replace the transparent protection tube on the stub and send for analysis.
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DNA-Stub, Individually DNA-Free ( ETO ) packed, 40 pcs