Forensic Sil grey, 50ml cartridge with castingmaterial + harder, included 50 mixingtips, 10 pcs

Item No.: 3000110

Making imprints has never been so quick and easy to do. Grey colored Forensic Sil is unique in its sort in

being completely non-toxic and has been developed by Loci Forensic Products in close and exclusive

cooperation with a German manufacturer, and experts in this field. This has resulted in a product which

excels in detail, viscosity and tear strength, and which is shrinkproof. In short, Forensic Sil provides you

with perfect, non-toxic impression material which is non hazardous to your health. Forensic Sil is a top

class product which sets a new standard in the field of imprinting.


• Non-toxic;

• Quick and simple application;

• Suitable for comparison with imprints made earlier;

• Constant mixing ratio by use of mixing tip;

• Flexible and shrinkproof, so dimensional stable;

• During and after setting no by-products (moisture) are


• Suitable for, amongst others, bite marks.

Forensic Sil is extremely simple in use. The especially

developed mixing tip prevents air bubbles in the impression

material and ensures a flawless dosage of catalyst and

casting putty. Forensic Sil allows you to accurately adjust

the amount of impression material to any situation and

therefore prevents unnecessary loss of material.

Constant dosage

Forensic Sil saves time since it is used directly and undiluted. The only thing

you have to do is apply a mixing tip to the cartridge. Then you just simply

press without worrying about the correct dosage of casting putty and catalyst.

A constant dosage is always guaranteed.

General characteristics

• Colour: grey, colourfast

• Material: thixotropic polyvinyl siloxane

• Great in details

• Mixing time: 5 sec

• Δ linear dimension after setting: < 0.2%

• Setting time: 5 minutes (23ÁŒŠ  C/73ÁŒŠ  F, 50% humidity)

Shipping method
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1 - 9 dagen
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