Cleansearch Latent Print Kit

Item No.: 1003999

A clean and affordable one-time-use solution to standard print dusting
equipment, each kit arrives in a sealed box and includes everything
needed to process latent prints at a crime scene. Each kit also includes
an evidence seal. The box label also includes a basic evidence label,
in the event that your supplies need to be packaged and booked as
evidence. Each CleanSearch™ Standard Latent Print Kit includes the

The Breeze™ Single-Use Fiberglass Brush
This inexpensive print development brush uses the same ultra-soft fibers
our used in our world-renown Zephyr® fiberglass brush. Each brush is
sterilized and hermetically sealed, so it is always free of contaminants.

CleanSearch™ Black Disposable Powder Pack
Hermetically-sealed in an easy-to-use, wide-mouth jar, each pack
includes 14g (.5oz.) of Lightning® Black Fingerprint Powder.

Lightning Lift Pads and Latent Print Backing Cards
Each kit includes a 10.2cm x 10.2cm (4” x 4”) Lightning Lift Pad and 25
white latent print backing cards. These pads are the best size for most
lifted latent prints thus eliminating the need to bring a roll of tape to a
crime scene.

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Cleansearch Latent Print Kit

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