Duquenois-Marijuana, 10 Tests

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Based on extensive requests from longtime agency users, Forensics Source is proud to announce the re-introduction of its ODV™ NarcoTest® line of presumptive drug tests.

The use of NarcoTest drug test kits by trained officers has resulted in the successful apprehension and prosecution of innumerable substance abusers and distributors over those years. We are very proud of that record of achievement in support of the law enforcement community.

The NarcoTest presumptive drug test line was a staple of the ODV product line for decades. It was pulled from the market in 2011 to undergo a significant redesign to improve product costing and design to meet the rigorous demands of the law enforcement community.

The new and improved NarcoTest line still uses ODV’s signature line of colorimetric reagents to identify seven of the most common drugs of abuse including cocaine, marijuana, hashish, crack, heroin and methamphetamine.

Each test in this classic stick line is self-contained, pre-measured and hermetically sealed for reliable performance and accurate results. The new polystyrene tubes resist punctures from broken glass ampoules, and the color-coordinated caps provide a tight seal to prevent accidental chemical leakage during use.

All stick tests are packaged in a convenient plastic box that prevents damage from sun exposure and rough handling during use and storage. Additionally, the durable hinged box can be used by the officer to store small parts or evidence when empty.

Each test comes packaged with its own set of instructions. A completely re-designed Self-Training CD is available to instruct officers in the proper use of all NarcoTest drug test kits.

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Duquenois-Marijuana, 10 Tests

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