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The SUPERfume-TENT is a rapidly deployed enclosure to be used for cyanoacrylate fuming. The tent has internal dimensions of 6m x 3m x 2m and is ideal for the fuming and subsequent examination of cars and small commercial vehicles.

The weatherproof tent can be erected on hard or soft ground and once the frame has been expanded and the roof is in place it can be lifted and moved into position, causing minimum disturbance to the crime scene. Once in position the side walls are attached to the frame and the fuming process can be initiated.

Efficient seals ensure that levels of humidity and cyanoacrylate vapour are maintained at effective levels. Should larger areas be required several frames can be linked together.

SUPERfume-TENT includes:

  • ï‚· Heavy Duty PVC coated 7oz polyester Canopy & Sides.
  • ï‚· Heavy Duty PVC transportation bags.
  • ï‚· Guy Lines - adjustable and ground spikes.
  • ï‚· Light & fume exclusion covered zips.
  • ï‚· 2off door access panels.
  • ï‚· Anodized Aluminium framework. (2 year guarantee)
  • ï‚· Safety pull pin frame operation.
  • ï‚· Hard standing ballast kit with ground bars.
  • ï‚· Robust weatherproof construction.
  • ï‚· Covered inspection window.
  • ï‚· Weight approx. 70kg.

Available sizes: 6m x 3m / 4.5m x 3m / 3m x 3m

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Forensic Black Marquee – Total Blackout

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