Forensic Touch Nitril Gloves, non-sterile, powder-free, size M, 10 x 100 pcs

Item No.: 3021002

The Forensic Touch® glove has been developed in conjunction with serving CSIs, under the guidance of the Home Office (CAST) for use by emergency services. It has also been tested and validated independently with university trials. Forensic Touch® has some simple but unique features that can improve the detection of crime and save resources. At first glance it is indistinguishable from most common isposable nitrile gloves, however, it has unique design features that include an easily identifiable star pattern texture that can improve the CSIs ability to read a scene. Ridge detail can transmit through a disposable glove, this is not a problem with Forensic Touch® as the stars are still apparent, it is therefore not confused as being an offender's print. Other commonly used boxed gloves are counted and packed ndividually by bare hands whereas Forensic Touch® is an affordable glove that is manufactured with precautions being taken to avoid human DNA contamination.

Benefits of Forensic Touch® over standard Nitrile Powder Free gloves:

• Identifies what an officer has moved and touched in a scene (important at major crime)
• Enables 'on the spot' elimination of glove marks
• Helps a CSI identify if an offender was wearing gloves (important at volume crime)
• Reduces unnecessary fingerprint and DNA recovery
• Improves and increases detection rates
• Manufactured with precautions against human DNA contamination
• Solves the problem of ridge detail transmitting through gloves, without forcing officers to wear     expensive thick gloves or “double glove”
• Longer cuff to go over a disposable suit sleeve

Cost Saving Benefits:

• Forensic Touch® can lead to more efficient, accurate and cost effective investigations
• Reduces DNA contamination of items handled by officers, which means fewer mixed profiles
• It can help a CSI identify a suspect's evidence, this reduces time wasted on non-offender evidence

Security Benefits:

• As distributor, Loci Forensics B.V. will carry out appropriate checks to ensure Forensic Touch® is only supplied to legitimate front-line services
• It is unique, fully patented and the technology has taken years to develop, it is therefore virtually impossible to counterfeit
• It looks similar to a normal nitrile glove
• Each box has a unique reference number so it can easily be traced from source to force
















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Forensic Touch Nitril Gloves, non-sterile, powder-free, size M, 10 x 100 pcs

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