SupraNanoâ„¢ Green Fluorescent - 60 ml

Item No.: 3060202


Powders with SupraNano™ Particles are specially formulated to develop latent marks on both non-porous (e.g. glass, ceramics) and  semi-porous surfaces (e.g. plastics, nonferrous metals). These nano-particle enhanced powders provide 30% enhanced performance over existing powders.

• Smaller particle size powder develops latent marks with higher definition and clarity

• Prints can be developed up to twenty-eight days after deposition

• Designed not to clump — excess powder is easily removed from the brush

• Safe to use without additional HSE requirements

• Available in various colors and configurations for use on different surfaces

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SupraNanoâ„¢ Green Fluorescent - 60 ml

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