RTX - Kit

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All-around effective RTX (RutheniumTetroxide) solution for developing latent fingerprints on a variety of substrates. 


Peculiarity of this RTX method

  • The method can develop fingerprints on human skin.
  • The black remains on substrates after being processed by the method can be erased  easilier than other methods.
  • Sensitivity of RTX to fingerprints is very high and developed fingerprint ridges are very clear.
  • The kit is convenient to carry about and the operation of it is simple.
  • Safety to a human body is shown by the MSDS on the product.
  • The method can develop latent fingerprints which are difficult to be developed or cann’t be developed by any other conventional methods.

Substrates applicable to the method

Human skin, usual paper, thermal paper, clothes, leather, glass, plastics, both sides of adhesive tape and vinyl tape, wooden goods, metal, stone, wall, etc, and these substrates with wet surface.


RTX - Kit content:

  • 1 x Developer 50 ml.
  • 1 x Fumer 50 ml.
  • 1 x Portable Air Pump.
  • 1 x Erasing liquid 250 ml. 

Relevant Papers.

RTX: A New Ruthenium Tetroxide Fuming Procedure, Journal of  Forensic Identification, Vol.41, No.6 Nov./Dec.1991 Kenzo Mashiko, Edward R. German, Charles D. Colman

Latent Fingerprint Processing by the Ruthenium Tetroxide Method, Journal of Forensic Identification, Vol.48, No.3 May/June 1998  Kenzo Mashiko, Takashi Miyamoto

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RTX - Kit

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