Lighting Spray Kit - DeLUXE

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Lightning Spray® Aerosol Fingerprint Powder is the latest innovation in forensic latent fingerprinting technology from Lightning Powder®. Until now, the only method available for fingerprinting was applying powder with a variety of brushes. Lightning Spray makes it possible to apply fingerprinting powder by spraying the suspect area with a controlled, consistent application of powder.

Our deluxe kit contains (1) can each of White, Black, Silver/Grey and our Redwop™ Lightning Spray Aerosol Fingerprint Powder, (4) each of the Lightning Spray Portable Tents and (4) Breeze™ Fiberglass Brushes. The White and Black powders are great for use on light or dark surfaces and the silver/grey powder is perfect for use on all glass, metallic, highly-varnished surfaces, hard rubber, safes, blue-steel guns or dark colored surfaces. Our Redwop powder is recommended as a primary use fluorescent powder for examination of latent prints with forensic light sources.

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Lighting Spray Kit - DeLUXE

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