Lumiscene Ultra kit - 250 ml

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Lumiscene Ultra is based on regular Lumiscene, a revolutionary new, water based, chemical blood search solution. Regular Lumiscene has already proven to have many superior qualities and advantages over classic luminol or tablet based luminol solutions.

LOCI FORENSICS B.V. now introduces Lumiscene Ultra, which is a concentrated and stronger version of regular Lumiscene. Just like regular Lumiscene, Lumiscene Ultra helps to visualize latent/ invisible (e.g. washed or removed) blood stains and patterns through a chemiluminescene reaction and is specifically for use in forensic investigations. However, when the activated Lumiscene Ultra solution comes in contact with blood, the increased chemical luminescence emission is longer and more intense compared to regular.  Therefore the chemiluminescense reaction of minute or extremely diluted invisible blood traces is easier to detect, sample and photograph.
Table 1and 2  shows the graph of the light intensity (y-axe) vs. the wavelength 200 nm and 900 nm (x-axe) when respectively 1 ml Lumiscene (regular) and Lumiscene Ultra comes in contact with 2 ml Blood dilution of    1:7500. The chemiluminescense emission is measured over a period of 15 seconds.
Why regular Lumiscene and Lumiscene Ultra?
The goal of using a chemical blood search solution in a forensic investigation can be divided into two main purposes:  first, the search for latent blood for the use of DNA analysis and second, the visibility of latent blood for reconstruction. As in most luminol solutions, whether tablet based or not, and fluorescein solutions, often hydrogen peroxide is used as activator. Well known in the scientific community is the damaging effect of hydrogen peroxide on DNA. Therefore Loci Forensic Products kept the Hydrogen Peroxide concentration extremely low (< 0.12 %) compared to other products. But, since the quality and /or quantity of the blood is not known in forensic investigations, it is not recommended to apply a solution with high concentrations of chemicals. So when getting a DNA profile the main goal of the investigation is, the volume percentages chemicals should be kept to a minimum to minimize DNA damage. Therefore in these investigations regular Lumiscene is preferred over the use of Lumiscene Ultra.  But, after sampling and /or when the chemiluminescense reaction is very faint, Lumiscene Ultra is perfectly suitable to be used afterwards for photographing.  For reconstruction purposes the use of Lumiscene Ultra, which contains more chemicals is recommended over regular Lumiscene.
Specific Qualities:
·     Extremely sensitive: the chemical luminescence reaction of Lumiscene Ultra with blood-water dilutions over 1:500.000 can be seen with the naked eye.
·    Easy and safe to prepare, just add the activation tablet to the premeasured Lumiscene Ultra stock solution and shake gently for 1 minute after 5, 10 and 15 minutes and it’s ready to use !
·   Long shelf life, unmixed Lumiscene Ultra is at least 2 years stable, once activated it is stable for at least 4 hours at room temperature.
·   Lumiscene Ultra has a maximum hydrogen peroxide volume of 0.12 %.
·   Lumiscene Ultra is made in the EU with quality products of Sigma Aldrich.
Lumiscene Ultra contains 250 ml. water based Lumiscene Ultra stock solution and 1 activation tablet.
LOCI FORENSICS B.V. advises the use of Lumiscene Ultra and other blood enhance or search techniques by trained personnel only and recommends the use of a CSAIR Compressor.
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Lumiscene Ultra kit - 250 ml

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