Hexagon OBTI, blood confirmatory test, 24 pcs

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Using Hexagon OBTI:

Hexagon OBTI, blood confirmatory test (box of 24)

Step 1
Unscrew the red cap from the Hexagon OBTI reagent bottle which incorporates a "sample collection stick". Using the sample collection stick, collect the sample by running the sample collection stick across the bloodstain.

Note: Since the collection stick is damp from the Hexagon OBTI reagent, dry blood will adhere to the collection stick.

Step 2
Replace the bottle cap on the Hexagon OBTI reagent bottle, tighten cap down to prevent leakage, and gently shake the reagent bottle for 5 seconds, then SNAP off the tip of the cap.

Step 3
Place the Hexagon OBTI test cassette on a level surface, and squeeze out two drops of the reagent (containing the suspected blood sample) onto the test cassette sample tray.

Note: If time only allows for collection, samples may be stored at room temperature for up to 1 week, then tested later.

Step 4
After 2 to 3 minutes a blue bar or blue bars will appear in the test results window. Wait a full ten minutes for confirmation of results.

Interpretation of the Readout

One blue control bar indicates the test strip and reagent are functioning properly. If no second bar appears within 2 to 3 minutes, this indicates the sample is not HUMAN blood. (To confirm negative results wait 10 minutes.)

Two blue bars appearing confirm that the bloodstain is HUMAN blood.

A) False positives will result if the blood is from higher primates such as chimpanzees, monkeys, etc. False positives may also result from ferret blood.
B) Hexagon OBTI will detect blood down to 0.1ug/ml
C) Once a positive identification of human blood is made, additional bloodstain specimens should be collected for DNA typing at your crime laboratory. Refer to our DNA Blood Stain Specimen Collection Kit (Reorder Number: BSC-0GEN) or review the Forensic Kit Section of our web site.

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Hexagon OBTI, blood confirmatory test, 24 pcs

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