CSAIR Compressor (Complete set)

Item No.: 3000500

CSAIR Forensic Air Compressor

As important as the choice of a blood search solution is the chosen application method. Irreversible damage to the original appearance of the bloodstain pattern as well as dilution of the sample can occur, making DNA testing difficult or impossible. CSAIR is the first compressor system specifically designed for the application of blood search solutions, such as Lumiscene. The CSAIR compressor produces continuous, contaminant-free air through the utilization of its unique carbon filter.

• Minimum use of Lumiscene, reducing the risk of DNA dilution or damage and blood pattern distortion.
• Continuous pressure and 32 ft. hose allow large areas to be screened for blood.>br> • Quiet operation, enabling comfortable communication at the crime scene.
• Both compressor and spray gun have stainless steel air path (no reaction with blood search solution and easy to clean).
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CSAIR Compressor (Complete set)

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